CHRanch Notifications

This page is an attempt to notify everyone of any event's that are going on at the ranch.

You are also welcome and encouraged to post a memo on our Guest Memo Page!

If you are planning to be in the area, we would like to try to meet with you and say hello!

And in good Cheese Head fashion, maybe have a beer (or two) with you! Hope to see ya soon.




to be at the Ranch on Memorial Day Weekend for the 4th annual bash! There will be plenty of fun, beer, climbing, beer, cross country botchi, beer, slack line, beer (Well you get the picture). Heard CJ will even be doing a Yoga class for us. We will be doing the Smoked Tenderloin again this year on Monday. Sounds like there will be a few more people there this year. Might want to get here early to get a site. Hope to see you here.

The Garage is goin in! The cement work is done, the walls are framed, and the trusses are going up. See ''What's new at the Ranch" to see photo's.

Spring is here, It's time to climb again! See what your missing on the "Climbing Photo's Page"

There is now a "Flora/Fauna" page to see photo's of local wildlife. Check it out and send any pic's you might want me to post to




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